Give your student the lifestyle they want! Give yourself peace of mind!

We know that housing is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child while they live in Austin.  Let The G provide your student with an off campus housing experience with on campus amenities. The G offers students an academically inclined housing community, with a commitment to students and their living environment. From our friendly, responsive staff to our educational, recreational and social programs, The G can serve as the foundation for your student’s academic success, personal growth and the establishment of lifelong friendships.

Individual Leases

One of the biggest concerns for residents of shared accommodations is being liable for the leases of other residents. By signing an individual lease for your student, you are only responsible for the rent of your student. If a roommate leaves The G, you are not responsible. This is a significant advantage over the joint lease used at rental houses and other apartment communities where each parent is liable for the rent of all residents in the unit.

Roommate Matching

Our thorough roommate matching process ensures the best roommate matching possible. All residents will complete a roommate profile which assists us to match them with someone compatible. Our matching form considers study habits, social habits, and living environment preferences among many other important characteristics.

Residence Life Program

While the main focus of your student’s college career will be about graduating and pursuing a fulfilling job, they also need to have fun along the way. At The G, your student will create life-long relationships and connections that will make them even more successful. We provide a premier Residence Life Program, which offers a variety of educational, recreational and social activities.

Professional Management and Maintenance

Rest easy knowing that we are here providing on-site management and maintenance for our residents. As San Miguel Management staff, we are experienced and skilled in addressing all of your student’s needs. While many local properties have absentee landlords and substandard maintenance programs, at The G our staff is proactive and responsive to any maintenance concerns your student may have.  Our professional management and maintenance team is located right on site so students can pop in with questions or concerns during regular business hours.  We also have a 24 hour emergency maintenance hotline for after hours concerns.